I Think I’d Be Good At That

Lots of comics have audience members come up after shows and tell them that their friends or coworkers have always told them they’d make a good comedian.

But starting standup involves writing jokes, going to open mikes and being terrible for a while. So most intelligent people don’t even bother trying.

To give those sane people a chance to feel the thrill of doing comedy, I created a show where they get to experience being a comic with the help of veteran comedians who write jokes and coach them in taking the stage. We remove all the stuff that can make that first set awful and give them the tips and tricks to succeed.

“I Think I’d Be Good At That” is one of the most unique, crazy and fun comedy shows in the Bay Area. And so far, all our Newcomers have crushed it at the show and we’ve been helping people get a taste for what keeps comedians coming back to the stage.

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Comics who want to be booked on the show, please read this:
Due to the nature and format of the show, AND the fact that I can only do it about once every other month at the moment, I can’t book ahead like I would prefer and I also can’t book everybody who reaches out. I appreciate people wanting to do my show and am always looking for sharp, funny comics who can write great material to be part of it. If you’re regularly getting work and doing longer sets, please drop me a line to let me know you’re interested or just drop by the show sometime.