These were taken at one of my last shows in Michigan before moving to California about ten years ago. I couldn’t keep a good grip on the mic and there’s a little white thing in my hand because I needed notes to do longer than 4 minutes. I don’t remember any of the jokes from back then but I’m sure they are terrible. Ahhhh, memories.


New podcast episode is up! Learn about the life of Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records. No music, no life…and also millions of dollars of debt!

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Ages ago I had a podcast/show on an underground radio network called Pirate Cat Radio. The place was run by an insane person who eventually ran off and left the place in charge of a different crazy person, and I haven’t done a show there in years.

But, while there I managed to swindle Marc Maron into coming in to be interviewed on the show with my cohost Big Al Gonzales and I. Check it out here.