Just got word that I’ll be part of San Francisco Sketchfest in January 2017. More information coming soon, including where you can buy tickets. I have reached the special time in a Bay Area comedian’s career when they can be introduced as “a regular at the Punch Line and appeared as part of SF Sketchfest” and it will be TRUE. There’s so few of us !

My calendar is light-ish for the rest of this year as I’m working on some writing projects and also trying to be a good employee at the day job that pays the bulk of the bills when I’m not talking about butts. But stay tuned, cool stuff coming up.


Get ready for some spooooooooky Halloween comedy goodness as I’ll be part of the ¬†annual Ha-Ha Halloween Showcase at Cobb’s Comedy Club. Tickets available HERE, the lineup is dope, I’ll be wearing a ridiculous costume. BE THERE OR GET TRICKED.