San Francisco next week!

Hey gang – I’ll be back in the Bay next week and there’s a bunch of chances to see me. Check it out:

Wednesday 9/14 @ 8pm: Punch Line
Wednesday 9/14 @ 8pm: Cobb’s Comedy Club (closing it out)
Thursday 9/15 @ 8pm: Punch Line
Friday 9/16 @ 7:30pm: Punch Line
Friday 9/16 @ 8pm: Mr. Bings
Friday 9/16 @ 9:45pm: Punch Line
Saturday 9/17 @ 7:30pm: Punch Line
Saturday 9/17 @ 9:45pm: Punch Line
Sunday 9/18 @ 1pm-5pm (exact time TBD): Comedy Day, Golden Gate Park

After this week I will enter into a cocoon to be picked up by the mother ship and taken back to my home planet. So come see me before!

I got nunchucks!

At some point in the last year I added the line “He hopes to one day get some nunchucks” to my comedy bio. Last night, after a fun set at The Comedy Experiment, the very funny and astute Greg Sharp presented me with a pair of Comedy Experiment-branded nunchucks to call my own. I’ll be getting these their own hook in our guest/comedy bathroom, but in the meantime they’re easily accessible for nunchuck practice while I’m doing, uh, other things.

Time to update my bio and see if I can manage to obtain all the Ninja Turtles weapons just from doing comedy!