I Think I’d Be Good At That is coming to The Setup THIS WEDNESDAY. Get your tickets!


I was able to perform my joke about being married to a Filipino woman in front of a fun audience of Filipino people in San Francisco and it was fantastic. Check out the happenings at the Bindlestiff Studio sometime!

A while back I hosted a night at The Setup in San Francisco where a crew from Sirius/XM recorded the show. The tracks should be going live on Sirius/XM soon (let me know if you hear me on any of the comedy channels, I can’t afford satellite radio dawg) but here’s a snippet.

It’s happening…we’re going monthly in San Francisco! Catch ITIBGAT as part of The Setup at 222 Hyde/The Beer Basement starting 10/24. We’re excited to be joining the crew at The Setup and have more exciting developments coming with the show soon. Stay tuned!

Very fun night at the Sacramento Comedy Spot last night for the first edition of “I Think I’d Be Good At That” outside of San Francisco. Big thanks to the team at the Comedy Spot, our newcomer Jeremy (who crushed!) and all the comics who came along for the ride. More cool news about the show coming soon.