I shot and edited this piece that was written by Michael Alvarenga. Check it out, give it the thumbs-up on the Tubes!


Really fun show at the Laugh Cellar in Santa Rosa last night for the Wine Country Comedy Fest. The venue has an amazing team, the next time you’re in Wine Country go check this spot out!


Another “I Think I’d Be Good At That” is in the books. Thanks to our newcomer Stanley Roberts, the five fantastic comics who were on the show (Reggie Steele, Red Scott, Alexandria Love, Mark Smalls and Emily Van Dyke, btw) and as always the team at the Punch Line for helping to make it all happen. Looks like we’re going to focus on expanding the show to another venue in Sacramento for the remainder of the summer and come back to San Francisco in the early Fall.

In the meantime, here are the videos from the latest show: