Every Halloween in San Francisco there’s a fun show where comics dress up. I’ve been dressing up as Tinky Winky the Teletubby for a few years now, and this year I wrote some new material for the show as the character and it went well enough that I won the competition for the night. Here are a couple of highlights.


Two months.

I’ve been lucky to get to a point where I’ve been traveling for standup more. It’s fun, and it’s always scary to be in a new state or city and before you get onstage wonder, “will these jokes work here?” and then they do and it’s all fine and people are the same everywhere and blah blah blah.

This also means there’s been a lot of airplanes and long drives and hotels and eating breakfast at truck stops and $11 airport breakfast sandwiches and realizing you didn’t pack enough underwear and time away from home and my real job and all that.

But now I get two months. I love my silly show and it’s going well. I can see the stuff that’s working and I very clearly see what’s not and I know what needs to get done, and I feel like I have time to do it now. I also get two months to just be a local comic who does open mikes and showcases and works out material and then sleeps in his own bed at night, and these are also things I am very excited about. There is not another “I Think I’d Be Good At That” on the calendar until January, and then it looks like things might get reaaaaaaaally busy. I cannot announce/confirm anything yet. But I’m excited.

For now, I want to enjoy the holidays and write new jokes and figure them out and do crappy open mikes just ‘cuz and work on the stuff that needs to get fixed and then start 2019 out big.

More news coming soon. Thanks for checking this space. Stay groovy.

The first Los Angeles/West Hollywood edition of “I Think I’d Be Good At That” was a lot of fun! Thanks to the crowd that came out, including some faces I hadn’t seen since college and some old friends from the Bay! Looks like we may be doing it again there in 2019, so stay tuned.

Thank you to our comics AND to our newcomer Taja, who rocked the joint!

I was able to perform my joke about being married to a Filipino woman in front of a fun audience of Filipino people in San Francisco and it was fantastic. Check out the happenings at the Bindlestiff Studio sometime!

A while back I hosted a night at The Setup in San Francisco where a crew from Sirius/XM recorded the show. The tracks should be going live on Sirius/XM soon (let me know if you hear me on any of the comedy channels, I can’t afford satellite radio dawg) but here’s a snippet.