San Francisco has a history of really cool, awesome and lightning-in-a-bottle comedy venues. The Hungry i back in the Fifties. Then the Purple Onion in the Sixties. Then the Holy City Zoo in the Eighties.

San Francisco has had another of those for a while now – the Cynic Cave at Lost Weekend Video. For several years now, a tiny basement in a video store has been home to some really sharp, cutting-edge comedy (and some garbage, but, hey, whaddaya gonna do) and just like those earlier venues, the lightning in a bottle must eventually break out. Lost Weekend is closing in March, and while the store – and possibly comedy shows – may be moving elsewhere, the Cynic Cave as it has been will be no more.

It’s sad, but things only become historic when they go away. And part of the glory is to have been there when it happened in the first place. So – GO see a show before it closes. I happen to be part of the Saturday show this weekend for February 6th (tickets HERE) but be sure to go and sit in one of those old dusty movie theater seats one last time, drink a Tecate and watch some Bay Area comedians do what they love to do in a place that has always welcomed them to do it.

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