Rhinestone Cowboy

Coming the rest of this week…


Wednesday, August 9th I’ll be part of the Cobb’s Comedy Club showcase with a lineup of some of the best in the Bay Area comedy scene. Get more info and tickets here OR email me before 5pm the day of the show and I can put you on the guest list (drewmharmon@gmail.com).


Thursday, August 10th I’m hosting the first “It Came From Sketchfest” showcase at Doc’s Lab, featuring a lineup of stone-cold killers who have been a part of SF Sketchfest. Get more info and tickets here.


And Friday night, I’m in Benicia headlining the show at First Street Funnies. If you’re in the vicinity, this show is a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to bringing the ha-ha’s to the suburbs. Also, I’ll be visiting the Benicia bookstore I stopped in last time I did this show and bought “Infinite Jest” at. Nope, didn’t read it! Made it 80 pages and even took it on cross-country AND international flights. But I got a workout from carrying it!

Saturday I’ll probably be doing some housework. You aren’t invited to that.

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