Hey kiddos – updates for “I Think I’d Be Good At That!”

The bad news: no more shows for the rest of 2017. Our planned date in December had to be cancelled because we just can’t compete with those fat corporate holiday party dollars.


The good news: we’ve had a great relationship with Doc’s Lab and they definitely want to have us keep coming back. And we are! In fact…

EVEN GOOD-ER NEWS: the next “I Think I’d Be Good At That” will be happening at Doc’s Lab on Sunday, January 21st as part of SF Sketchfest!

This is great, I could not be happier about it and I look forward to being able to announce more details as things are finalized. And we are looking to get the show scheduled to be happening more frequently in 2018 now that we’ve found our groove in putting everything together.

I’ll also be performing standup at other shows as part of SF Sketchfest, more info coming soon on those as well.

Thanks to everybody who came out to the 2017 shows, your support was instrumental in making this all happen.

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