When you think something can’t get more exciting, sometimes it finds a way. On Tuesday, as we were in final preparation for the first edition of “I Think I’d Be Good At That” to happen at the San Francisco Punch Line, I got news that there had been a fire at the club.

Luckily, nobody was hurt and the club wasn’t destroyed; they estimate they’ll be back open in a matter of days. But it did mean we couldn’t do the show at the Punch Line that night.


But the team at Live Nation kicked into high gear and made it possible for us to move over to Cobb’s Comedy Club, which was amazing. However, the big difference is that the Punch Line fits 182 and feels small and intimate. Cobb’s fits about 400 and is…slightly less intimate. So I was worried.

Five minutes before showtime, almost nobody was in the club. We had emailed and posted all over social media and we knew we’d sold tickets…but things were getting scary. Then, all of a sudden…bam.


The room filled up (not sold out) with a ton of happy, excited people who came to laugh and be a part of it.

Our comics for the night – Feel Woods, Clara Bijl, Liz Stone, Ronn Vigh and Chad Opitz – all brought some hardcore big-time funny. And our newcomer for the night, Smitha Milli, handled the big room like a champ for her first set ever. She got thrown the biggest curve ball possible and knocked it out of the park.

Thank you to everybody who came out that night. We’re going to be doing more shows back at the Punch Line, dates coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s the two video segments from that night AND Smitha’s set.

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