Hi! I’ve been in Italy for nearly two weeks seeing the sights and attempting to eat all their  pasta. I’m back in California and lots of cool stuff coming up:

-I Think I’d Be Good At That is at The Battery on Friday, November 15th. If you’re a member, come check it out!

-Comedy at Pedro Point Brewing returns to Pacifica on Saturday, November 16th at 8pm. These shows have been a blast and the lineup is a humdinger, it’s free to get in.

-I’ll be at the Ha-Ha Harvest Fest in Portland the weekend of Thanksgiving. Two shows over the weekend, lots of great comics, come hang out!

-Proud to announce that myself and I Think I’d Be Good At That will be part of SF Sketchfest in 2020. This is five years running for yours truly AND three years straight for ITIBGAT, and I’m very happy to be part of this festival again.

More coming soon! Catch me tonight (Saturday, Nov. 19th) at Bar Fluxus and Monday, Nov. 21st at Rite Spot Cafe, both in SF. Time to get back on the horse.

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