Hey, all –

Hope everybody is staying healthy and safe and sane. This is the most crazy and intense time I’ve ever experienced, and I was a journalist on 9/11 (and I still had booze then).

Not shockingly, everything on my calendar for the next few weeks has been canceled. Pedro Point Brewing, Atlas Cafe, a new show at a great venue I was excited about, plus every other thing is just wiped from the schedule. As it should be.

As of this writing, the 4/21 Punch Line edition of I Think I’d Be Good At That is still up and for sale…but I’ll keep you posted. There’s a chance we’ll have to postpone.

I miss performing, I miss seeing my fellow comics, I miss having the chance to come up with an idea and start trying it out that night. I got lucky by having my last shows before the hiatus be at the Punch Line in Sacramento working with Emo Phillips (thanks to everybody who came out!) as I am pretty confident it’s gonna be weeks, and potentially months, before we all get to gather in a comedy room and laugh again.

We are pumping out podcast episodes weekly now; find Chucklepedia wherever you get your podcasts.

Stay safe and healthy. Hopefully we’ll all get to go back to some version of “normal” soon.

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